Flea Market Secrets Exposed


There’s not many things more exciting than being a vendor at a flea market! Especially when the sales start going hot-and-heavy!

I know, I’ve been there. I was actually selling my stuff to other vendors before the gates even opened. I haggled, negotiated, sized up the competition and made some quick money. And the things I sold were items i gad used many, many times over, had no more use for, and sold them for 75% of the new costs.

When my wife and i decided we would venture into flea marketing we were brand new. And other than some spotty coverage of flea markets on the internet - mainly there as a tickler to sell you other things - there was very little information on how-to.

Now there’s a manual, an instruction book written by a 20 year veteran of flea marketing. At first that picture won’t be in-focus for you . . most of us have a vision in our head of a once, maybe twice flea marketer. Long term just doesn’t equate to flea marketing for us.

Although there are a lot of onesy-twosy vendors, there are also a lot of people that call flea marketing their full time job, their business and their career! We met a flea marketer named Dan in Reno, NV that had been there, at the same flea market for 22 years. We kinda gathered that he had to of been making some money to be there that long. Even the best of hobbies get old long before 22 years.

Dan told us that he had been there all of that day, it was then 1:30 in the afternoon, and he had already cleared $1600.00! He showed us the wad of cash in his pocket. He also told my wife and I that if he didn’t make - CLEAR - at least $2000 a weekend, it was a bad weekend for him!

He also told us that if you can only be there one day, not both, that Sunday is the better day. That we shouldn’t price anything! Let the customer ask.

My wife and I picked Dan’s brain for about the next 20 minutes while he continued to rack up sales. I kept trying to walk away, my wife wanted to keep asking questions. I was on fire to get started! I was excited about our new possibilities. She wanted more information. To her it was invaluable!

It’s not very often that you come across a mentor like Dan. And had we, or you not been to the flea market in Reno, we would of never heard of Dan.

Well now you have one better. You don’t even have to leave your chair or the comforts of your home to find the same information I had traveled across the country to find out. And that information is all right here in Flea Market Secrets Exposed.

Making money at flea markets is both easy, and fun! You just need the insider’s secrets. You need the secrets that until now you could only get by trial and error. Or by being lucky enough to meet someone like Dan.

Want to ensure your flea market success? Read this book. I highly recommend it! And see you at the market! Here’s how to get your copy.